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I Realize I'm Strong Enough (I.R.I.S.E.) Level Up: 6 mons. VIP Intensive 1:1 Private Coaching + The 5 Week Transformation Program

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Unlock Your Ultimate 6 Month Transformation!! 2 Transformations for the Price of 1! Daily Group coaching supporting with weekly private individual coaching and accountability sessions. 

Are you on the cusp of a wellness revolution? If you're seeking more than just a fleeting change, our VIP 1:1 Intensive Therapeutic Weight-loss Mindset Coaching is your golden ticket. This isn't just another program; it's a life-altering, therapeutic odyssey, meticulously crafted by a renowned expert with over 17 years of experience in Behavioral Modification and Clinical Psychology.

The Trinity of Transformation: A Unique, Holistic Approach

  • Nourish Mindfully: Dive into the revolutionary 3-2-1 Daily Meal Plan, a culinary roadmap tailored to your body's unique biochemistry.

  • Elevate Your Consciousness: Engage in transformative weight-loss meditations, a mental workout designed to align your mind and body, setting the stage for unparalleled wellness.

  • Empower Through Movement: Step into a custom exercise regimen that speaks to your fitness level, making physical activity a joy, not a chore.

Emotional Mastery: The Missing Link in Weight Loss

Guided by an industry luminary with a proven track record in Behavioral Modification and Clinical Psychology, you'll undergo an emotional deep-dive. Get the secret sauce addresses the root causes of compulsive eating, food noise, and mental roadblocks, offering you an unbreakable foundation for your transformative journey.

What's Included: More Than Just a Program

  • Four deeply immersive 50-minute 1:1 private sessions each month for 6 months or 9 months w/ Coach Kenya 
  • A seamless extension to your existing weight loss and wellness journey.
  • A complimentary monthly session, adding an extra layer of support and accountability

Proven Success: Don't Just Take Our Word for It

Join our elite community of clients who have not only transformed their bodies but also their lives. With numerous testimonials of clients shedding over 150 lbs and maintaining their new lifestyle for years, the results speak for themselves.

Investment: A Commitment to Unparalleled Transformation

For a one-time investment, you're not just buying a program; you're investing in a new chapter of your life. Act now, as we have limited slots for this exclusive, high-demand offer.

The Time is Now: Seize Your Transformation

If you're a discerning individual who values personalized, therapeutic support and craves accountability, don't miss this exclusive opportunity.

Elevate your life today with our VIP 1:1 Intensive Therapeutic Weight-loss Mindset Coaching, and become the epitome of wellness you've always aspired to be.