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From Death to Destiny: A Transformational Journey with Coach Kenya

Immerse your audience in a transformative experience with Coach Kenya, the Best best-selling author, Weight-loss Guru, and renowned Motivational Speaker. Discover how she naturally shed 468 lbs, turning her life around from the brink of death to a destiny filled with purpose and passion.

Why Hire Coach Kenya for Your Event?

  • Unmatched Personal Experience: Kenya’s journey from 592 lbs to vibrant health is nothing short of miraculous. Her story of resilience, determination, and triumph will inspire your audience to face their own challenges head-on.
  • Professional Expertise: With over 17 years in Behavior Modification and Clinical Psychology, Kenya offers a comprehensive and informed approach to personal transformation.
  • Global Recognition: Featured on FOX, ABC, NBC, People Magazine, and the Impact Network, Kenya’s message has resonated with diverse audiences across 14 countries.
  • Tailored, Therapeutic Approach: Focusing on three core components:
    • Eat Better: 3-2-1 Daily Meal Plan.
    • Live Better: Weight loss meditation.
    • Feel Better: Exercises for all levels.

Kenya also addresses three critical factors contributing to obesity and food issues: Generational, Cultural, and Environmental Obesity.

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