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EAT BETTER 5-Week 3-2-1 Daily Guided Meal Plan Done For You

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5-Week 3-2-1 Daily Guided Meal Plan w/ Recipes, Grocery List, Eating out/ Portion Control Guide & More

Shed the Pounds with Renowned Weight-Wellness Coach Kenya Elliott, who has Triumphantly Released 468 Pounds Naturally and Maintained the Results! Join her Journey to a Healthier You. 

 5-Week 3-2-1 Daily Meal Plan 

GET READY, SET LOSE! with my Proven and effective 3-2-1 Daily Meal Plan featuring high-powered Protein Shakes, Snacks, Recipes, Daily Protein Shakes, and my  Proven Nutritional Detox Tea!


3-2-1 Daily Meal Plans with Guided Intermittent Fasting & Unwavering Daily Accountability via our community.

  • 🥗🥙Nourish with Purpose: Enjoy organic, non-GMO, gluten-free meal replacements and detoxifying nutritional cleansing products. (Proud note: I used this superfood system to naturally shed an incredible 479 pounds and have sustained my success for 8 years.) 

  • 🛒Endless Culinary Inspiration: Gain access to a curated collection of over 120 daily meal inspirations, complete with grocery lists.

  • 🥛Boost & Satisfy: Dive into pre-planned high-protein snack ideas, mouth-watering baked goods, and delectable protein shake recipes.

  • 🍳Diverse Palate Pleasers: Regular, dairy-free, and vegetarian meal options cater to various dietary preferences.

  • 🫂Always-On Support & Commitment: Join our exclusive Facebook community for 24/7 access to advice, motivation, and shared stories.

  • 🧬Holistic Wellness Resources: Master the art of portion control, dining out, and even the nuances of mindful chewing with our comprehensive guides.

  • 🏛️Bonus Masterclass: Every week, immerse yourself in our live cooking sessions - "Cook with Coach" - and discover culinary secrets to keep your journey flavorful.

Through my journey, I discovered the transformative power of balanced nutrition, intermittent fasting, detoxing, and the discipline to nourish my body appropriately. The result? A natural weight loss of 468 pounds that I've managed to keep off.  Are you ready to do the same 1 meal at a time? DROP THE WEIGHT, NOT THE TASTE!!

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